Through repeated research and testing, we developed and invented our MBF out of a mixture of microorganisms from locally available mineral shale which originally cannot be used as fertilizers.

Certain bacteria, called Potash solubilizing bacteria, are capable of decomposing minerals in feldspar and mica crystals present in soils and rocks to release the Potassium contained therein.

A wide range of bacteria has been reported to release K from K-bearing minerals in soils, but little information is available on Potassium solubilisation by bacteria, their mechanisms of solubilisation and effect of such bacteria inoculation on nutrient availability in soils and growth of different crops.

The efficiency of K solubilisation was found to vary with various factors, including:

the nature of Potassium bearing minerals;

the bacterial strains used;

acidity; and

aerobic conditions.

A lot of researchers and scholars around the world are carrying out studies in this regard, including China and India where Potash is in serious shortage.

Our new product of MBF is a proven product that can serve as a low cost alternative for China, that is suitable for various applications, and that is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Our company currently holds the patent.